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About Proacure

We are a team of passionate procurement and data science experts with a proven success in enabling firms realize the treasure trove of untapped value which hides within their supply-chain and supplier Spend.

We empower global organizations to optimize their Spend, granting them sizable growths in profitability and sustainability as well as a distinct competitive advantage over their unoptimized competition.

Proacure Koreografy

Proacure Koreografy is our proprietary, multi-framework system which brings different parts to work in cohesion and choreography.
It enables a congruence of the various data sets (General Ledger, Accounts Payables, contracts, POs, Invoices, etc.) to achieve 100% Spend visibility with actionable insights for opportunities realization.

The model allows a fusion of digital technologies, data science, and business processes to achieve results beyond clients expectations. It helps select the right partners and build strategic supplier relationships, a prerequisite for organizational growth. 

The Koreografy empowers the stakeholders to work in perfect choreography and develop a sense of belonging & fiscal responsibility to realize enhanced business outcomes. It not only achieves Savings, compliance and cost optimization but also brings in sustainability, diversity and inclusivity for client organizations.

The clients are able to leverage a full-on Digital & Data-driven Cost Transformation – leading to rippling positive externalities far beyond the scope of simple cost-reduction.

Our Values

Learning for Life.

We encourage our team to learn continuously
by way of sharing knowledge and experiences,
listening to others, and applying a problem solving
approach to build learning models applicable to
different contexts and environments.

Curiosity sparks innovation.

Innovations were never born out of monotony. We strive continually to seek new perspectives & alternative methodologies that help us exceed expectations of our stakeholders and achieve enhanced business outcomes.

Transparency and Trust.

We believe that the first step to any successful relationship is clear and transparent communication. From this premise, we seek to develop a trusted partner relationship not just with our client, but with the client’s  suppliers as well.

Our Goal

We strive to achieve Success Beyond Imagination for any and all clients whom we work with. Through our Cost-transformation Koreografy framework, we inspire our clients to discover, get intrigued, feel empowered, make the right decisions, expand their potential, command respect in the communities in which they operate, and find success even in the face of the most challenging circumstances.

Meet the Team

We’re a growing team of data science enthusiasts & strategic sourcing experts and above all entrepreneurs having worked with corporations and governments across the United States, Europe and Asia pacific.

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